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Ilze Czcubora

I've been there.... let me tell you my story.

Yes, this was my husband and I (Ilze Czubora), and this is our transormative story.

For my family and I it was an uphill struggle for many years. I tried everything, from professionals to quick help guides, pills and shakes, you name it, we tried it. Yet the weight kept going up and we just got sicker, slower and in more pain. I believed there was no hope for my husband and I.
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Life at 139kg

At 139kg, 39 years old, for me it was the knee pain, back pain, stiff and painful fingers, tired and sadness, severe IBS and migraines and diabetes. I tried everything with little to no success. My husband had me worried, with extremely high blood pressure, severe acid reflux, cramps and diabetic. As you can imagine, I dreaded exercise.

I spend a fair amount of time on the treadmill and exercise bicycles, in pain, unable to breath and feeling like an enormous failure. It became more and more difficult to hide while I was as big as a bus among all the sports models. Giving up was the only way to keep myself from going insane. The obsession with dieting took it’s toll on my health and weight. Food ruled the day and became a place of comfort.

Our Son

We kept our son’s diet as healthy as we could and were strict on what he was allowed and what he was not allowed at all. He was never allowed coffee or soft drinks, very occasional treats, and only healthy breakfast, lunch and supper with lots of vegetables and grains.

January 2015, we noticed that in just one year, our son (11 at the time) had picked up a lot of weight and was struggling with his energy levels, schoolwork and mood.

Well, this just would not do. I was not about to let our son go through a life of struggle, pain and body restrictions, while he was so young.

He always had the most gorgeous smile and he was my sunshine. His smile was fading, his happy outlook on life started to fade, and this most of all broke my heart in pieces.

Ready to transform yourself?

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Research Began

I love doing research and I threw myself in to finding the answer. After much research I noticed a trend in successful weight loss coming up. The Banting diet. In my head I thought “hmmm another fad diet”, “no thank you”. But the more I tried to ignore it the more it kept nagging at me.

Eventually I went into it to prove to myself it was Hogwash. To my surprise I could not find one shred of evidence that this Banting thing was a scam. Excited and on a mission, with renewed hope, I made my first meal plan and emptied the cupboards of all “off the list” foods.

We went shopping as a family and the men ran around reading labels and finding sugar and gluten in EVERYTHING! We shopped and setup our first LCHF dinner, so proud and ready to do this. Hahaha what a total fail! I managed to burn it all to a crisp and we ended up with a completely uneatable charcoal dinner! We managed to save some of the chicken and called it the night.

I am happy to say that it only got better from there. We tried, learned and succeeded. The results speak for themselves. The more we did these meals, the easier they got and the more confidence we got to try new things….

Our Son Lost Weight!

In just 6 months our son had lost 30kg and his gorgeous smile was back. He started running again and had a new loving outlook on life. His energy was high and he enjoyed his schoolwork again. Hence forth, a very happy mom & dad!

Now, in 2019 he still cooks breakfast and most dinners. He loves the food and is not easily swayed from this lifestyle.

I get asked often how did I manage to convince our son eat this way and if it was hard for him.  I have since helped many families make these changes, specially for those kids who needed to for health reasons.

Now, while we set out to help him, we received so much more.

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Our Results

In 7 months my husband lost 45kg. His blood pressure is normal, acid reflux is gone, flashing migraines are gone and he is happy and healthy. What a relief.

For myself, I lost a whopping 67kg in 15 months! My arthritis is under control, my fingers and joints are pain-free and flexible. No more headaches, yippy!

My sinuses are MUCH better and I’m able to breathe well. Would you believe that I’m almost never hungry anymore? My gut is as quiet as a mouse and there is no pain what so ever.

The cherry on the top is that I started studying. It’s still not easy but for me, it has opened a wide world.

Fastforward to today!

While I was on my own weight loss journey, one of self-discovery also took place. I was always good with biology and food science, now that it all makes more sense I’m able to study more and pursue a career in nutrition.

I qualified and certified as an LCHF (Banting, Keto and Loe Carb) coach on my 40th birthday. I then started coaching others to help them make these changes. I did not stop learning! Before my 41st birthday, I earned diplomas in *Weight loss and diet planning, *Nutritional Supplements, *Life coaching and *Nutrition. In addition, I also qualified as a TRE facilitator. All this is a short time, with a learning disability (Dyslexia).

I now fill the role of mentor, specialist, speaker and teacher. It is my passion to help as many people as I can reach to also make these changes and help you reach for your dreams. My life is full and I am grateful for every moment I get to teach and help others.

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