Banting/Keto – How To Cook The Best Steak EVER!

I’m no expert cook but I cook a mean steak. This I learned to do in the last month or so. Most of the recipes come with time and experimenting. So if I can learn these skills over time, so can you. We all learn, it just takes some determination.

The perfect steak is one of the things that keeps us going. The delicious foods are of such high quality, that none of the “given up” foods can compare. This is one of the tips I teach you, how to make your food so delicious that you won’t want to ever go back to eating rubbish.


All you need is a good quality rump with fat and fat marbling. Then you need some coconut oil (or ghee), butter & salt (I prefer Himalayan rock salt).


Skillet frying pan works the best.

Now! Let”s get cooking.

  • One of the biggest secrets to the perfect steak is to take it out of the fridge ahead of time to allow it to breathe. Room temperature is the best to cook a steak.
  • Generously salt the steak and rub it in, most of the salt gets lost by falling off so don’t be shy.
  • Place your skillet on the stove and start heating and add two tbs of coconut oil.
  • Allow to heat up completely, wait until you see some smoke coming off it.
  • Place the meat in the skillet and press it down to get out any air bubbles. You want the steak to completely touch the surface.
  • Depending on how thick the steak is, I cook mine for 3-4 min, without disturbing it at all. Just leave it, you’ll see.
  • After the time is up, turn the meat and add the butter on the one side to smelt. A lovely brown butter basting is what you are looking for, not black. Baste the meat continuously for 1 min.
  • Turn the meat and baste the other side as well. Once done turn the meat again and allow to cook for another 3-4 min.
  • The second greatest secret is to allow the steak to rest for at least 5 min after the steak is done cooking.
  • Cut and serve.

Watch the video below to see just how easy it is to do.

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