The Game Changers Uproar.

I find it interesting how Vegans and some vegetarians are quick to attack those who choose to eat meat. While those on the opposite side of the spectrum, meat-eaters, are happy to accommodate the plant-eaters in their choice. A personal choice is just that, personal. Another good point to start with is that most meat-eaters are also animal lovers and most of us really try to take part in changing the way animals are treated.

“For the vegans who may be reading this. I have nothing against you making that choice and this is in no way an attack on your lifestyle choice. “

Blog editor Ilze Czubora

I am not pro purely plant-based diets for many reasons, and those reasons are not the debate here. However, I have to address some of the misconceptions and bad science in this documentary. And just the same as my heading and picture choice got you to click on the link, see the topic of the film as clickbait. While we are here I’ll throw in a few accredited names in the mix here too.

Professor Timothy Noakes won a case where he was accused by his peers for controversial dietary advice. He won not once but twice. Yet his dietary advice is still controversial and you won’t see it in the news. Take the time and watch the videos from his trials. You will find lots of great information to help you make better dietary choices.

Dr Aseem Malhotra a UK cardiologist is also in the spotlight over his dietary views, seen here with a filmmaker Damon Gameau of That Sugar Film. This is a great documentary to watch if you are concerned about your health.

Seeing as the film brought him up, Dr Perlmutter has a video on the brain. And this one is for the Vegans and Vegetarians.

Dr Jason Fung, on diabetes.

The point with these people is that they are putting themselves out there to help change dietary guidelines. To get away from the highly processed manmade rubbish that is forced upon us as healthy. In the short video below you will see why I am so passionate about teaching obese sufferers how to change what they eat. Take the time to watch it.

A TV Documentary Is Meant To Make You Think, Not To Base Your Dietary Changes On.

The new documentary The Game Changers wants you to believe once again that the meat we consume is bad for us and will kill us. I believe that we need to find the best quality meat possible.

Grass-fed, hormone-free beef (and it’s healthy counterparts) has never been proven to be unhealthy. The problem is the way animals are factory farmed and pumped full of hormones and antibiotics, and this, no one disputes.

Ethical farming should be supported wherever possible, for both our own health and for the sake of the animals. I am grateful for each and every portion of meat I am lucky enough to enjoy, and I give thanks to the animal.

I fully intended on taking the documentary apart bit by bit but I decided against it for one simple reason. That is because it is just not worth my time. Instead, I’m going to give you some known facts.

Because it aired on Netflix, it got a lot of attention and meat-eaters are getting the blowback from it. I am not going to try and convince you that meat is good for you, instead, I want to bring to your attention how these kinds of films are twisting the information to suit their case. Grant you, this is not the first or the last of it’s kind in any industry. That’s entertainment. For those who have not seen it, I’ll try and be as clear as I can be. 

The Meat Will Kill You.

Processed rubbish foods which can not be classified as meat.

The overall message is that the meat you eat will either make you sick or kill you. The way the documentary generalizes the meat is in bad taste to start with. We all know by now there is a huge difference between processed “meat” and fresh whole hormone-free naturally raised meat. While on the subject of meat, every time they show meat on the screen, it is either in the form of a hamburger or some kind of junk food. We do not dispute this to be extremely unhealthy.

The Meat Will Reduce The Size Of Your Penis Erection, Cause A Reduction In Erection Frequency And Duration.

I had to

The filmmakers took 3 athletes and gave each of them a meat burrito. First off the burrito is filled with beans and seeds and who knows what else, and only about 20% meat. The Dr then strapped these ring-like monitors onto the athlete’s penises to monitor and take readings throughout the night. The next day they are given burritos without any meat. They again strapped in and were monitored throughout the night. The results show that there is a clear increase in performance in the erection, frequency and duration thereof. 

Surely this is not a proper experiment and those of us in the industry will recognise it as such. But the general public will take it as clear evidence. I’m going to use common sense instead of confusing science here. My main issue with this to put it as simple as possible is that you have to take the human mind into consideration as well.

Any man no matter how macho you think you are will experience anxiety and a sense of shame going to sleep on that first night, after the meat burrito. This will have a negative effect on performance. By the second evening, the mind would naturally be more at ease and naturally, the man will perform better. It’s not rocket science.

This was done purely for the shock factor and it is incredibly flawed. 

The Gladiator Theory.

Not the glorified picture which Hollywood promotes.

In the film they use the gladiators as an example of the diets followed approximately 2000 years ago. The filmmakers had a scientist showing that the bones of the gladiators are showing us that their diet was plant-based. Gladiators were generally a slave or convicted criminals and were treated as such.

They were used for entertainment purposes. And it makes sense that they were not fed the best foods available, like meat. The untrue picture that has been painted of what gladiators are plays into this bit of bad science.

Conor McGregor (meat-eater) Loses The Fight To Nate Diaz (plant-based diet).

In the film they claim that Mcgregor lost the fight because he ate so much meat, claiming that Nate Diaz was in better shape to beat the superstar with a 15-fight winning streak.

This was March 6th 2016. But what you don’t know is that at the time McGregor had lost weight and trained to fight in the 155lbs category and had little to no time to gain weight to be at 175lbs, to fill in to fight Diaz because the set fighter could not take part in that scheduled fight.

They use the one fight he lost. I do hope this makes you think. In Aug that same year, the two men had a rematch and guess what? McGregor won.

The Only Diet To Have Shown To Successfully Reverse Heart Disease Is Plant-Based.

In the film, they use a study by D. Ornish.

Taking what suits you to get a reaction is exactly the problem we are all having with this documentary. Firstly it is not the only study. Secondly, the study shows that the low-fat vegetarian diet in conjunction with stopping smoking, stress management and moderate exercise, that overall 80% of the experiment-group patients had an average change towards regression.

Therefore it is not just the plant-based diet that got these great results, but in fact, it was the whole lifestyle change.

Lions Have Short Intestines So We Can Not Be Carnivores.

How beautiful is this animal?

They argue that lions have very short intestines (carnivores) and we have much longer intestines, therefore we can not be carnivores but rather our diet should be plant-based.

I would counter-argue, that a gorilla’s (herbivore) intestine is even longer than ours to digest their plant-based foods and ours are much shorter, therefore we can not be herbivores. Instead, we are in the middle and should be eating both (omnivore).

Meat Is A Big Contributor To The Greenhouse Effect.

Convenience never gets the spotlight or the blam.

They claim that producing meat is contributing to 15% of the greenhouse effect. I don’t know where they are getting their numbers from. In fact, the total percentage of agricultural contribution to the greenhouse effect is only 9%. Of which wheat is well over 4% and meat is 3,9%. Will it help to skip eating meat just once a week to make a difference, probably not.

The biggest contributor to the greenhouse effect is transportation and a close second is electricity generation. So, just maybe, rather giving up the luxury of driving to work by walking to work once a week will most definitely make a huge difference, oh hell yeah.

People shouting to eat less meat for greenhouse effects are the very same people who use luxury private flights and road transport which are the highest contributors to greenhouse effects.

Athletes Only Excel On Plant-Based Diets.

I am not taking anything away from these amazing athletes. I am most definitely not an athlete. In fact, if you ever see me running, turn and run, there is something chasing me. Anyway, these athletes have done some amazing things and accomplished so much. Patrik Baboumian, Lou Smith, Derrick Morgan, and Morgan Mitchell are all extraordinary people.

At some point, however, we must add the power of thought and belief. When you wholeheartedly believe you can do something, then you can do it. The power of belief has been proven for many years to play a huge role, but only now started to take its well-deserved seat in the science community. We need to keep it all in perspective.

These are few and far between and if you were to go looking for the opposite, guess what, you will most definitely find athletes excelling on meat as well. One can not simply take one factor and say that is IT and only IT. We are complex creatures and we need to take everything as a whole into consideration.

Here’s a video by Prof Tim Noakes.

Our Brain Is Desperate For Glucose.

It has been proven that the amount of glucose the brain needs is very small and the liver makes enough for the entire body. Fat and cholesterol are what the brain needs to function and rebuild.

The sugar myth has been disproven many times over and the sugar or glucose does more damage than anything else. Alzheimer’s is considered to be type 3 diabetes, as we know by now, diabetes is caused by elevated blood sugar levels.

Blood sugar levels are elevated by sugar and high carbohydrate foods. The exact foods promoted by the filmmakers. Dr Perlmutter, also shown in the film, explains my point in the link below.

Foggy Meat-Eater Blood Is Bad.

Again here they made the meaty burrito and the bean burrito for 3 athletes to consume and after each meal took the blood sample. This was done to show that the meat burrito makes your blood plasma foggy.

I counter that, remember I said take the body as a whole. How about taking the time to measure the blood glucose levels of these same athletes while doing this experiment?

This was only done for the shock value, it means nothing.

My Personal Thoughts.

If you are feeling great on whatever diet you are doing, then good for you, that is all any of us can ask for. Each of us is vastly different and there is no one size fits all when it comes to the perfect diet.

This is why I evaluate each and every client to get a clearer picture of their personal dietary requirements. I also monitor each one to make adjustments where needed. I will never try to convince anyone that they have to eat meat, I do however expect the same courtesy.

Comment below your thoughts, please keep it civil. Thank you for reading my blog.

Ilze Czubora

Conclusion – The way I see it (my opinion), the film should be seen as a thought provoker and entertaining. Not as conclusive evidence for dietary changes. Any diet which excludes junk food and processed foods will give you great results. Meat is not the enemy, sugar and processed foods are.

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